While we continually improve our properties to enhance the tenant experience, we always look to do so in a way that will reduce our environmental footprint over the long term. Many of our continuous improvement initiatives focus on sustainability and energy reduction strategies to ensure our buildings are green. As we upgrade and replace equipment, we do so with technology that promotes energy efficiency and best practices. We also engage a third party to monitor and analyze our energy usage to identify ways it can be improved.

We employ leading edge technologies where possible, especially as older buildings are modernized. These practices include (note: not available in all buildings):

We are dedicated to achieving and maintaining BOMA BESt standards where possible. BOMA BESt is the leading environmental certification program for existing buildings in Canada. We have 6 BOMA BESt certified Green & Responsible buildings and continually assess our buildings against the BOMA BESt standards.

Light Harvesting
You don’t turn your lights on at home when sunshine is streaming in, so why should your office environment? Our light harvesting system that measures ambient light and adjusts accordingly.

Motion Sensitive Lights
Mom probably told you 100 times: “Turn off the lights when you leave the room.” With motion sensitive lighting systems, you don’t need to remember. Lights in empty offices and washrooms turn on and off automatically based on motion in the area.

Paper Recycling
Our office buildings have active paper recycling programs. In 2012, we saved over 500 trees and kept 28 tonnes out of landfill.

Other Recycling
We recycle wherever possible, including light bulbs and fluorescent lamps.

Royal Bank Building Co-Generation Project:

776 tonne carbon footprint reduction = getting 158 cars off the road or planting 660 acres of forest

Paper Recycling Programs:

500+ trees saved, 28 tonnes kept out of landfill.